Agricultural Microbiology

In recent years, nadicom has expanded into the agricultural and horticultural sectors and has applied its in-house microbiological expertise to develop yield enhancing composts and nitrogen-fixing organisms.

nadicom has been working on the development of rhizobia strains specific for different legumes in Germany, Italy and Ireland and commenced rhizobia field trials (nitrogen fixing legume strains) and Azotobacter field trials (nitrogen fixing grass strains) in 2015 and 2016.
Our rhizobia strains are currently sold under the brand name rhizo power® and are used as legume seed coatings by seed suppliers in Europe.
Our genetic characterisation methods developed with stringent pharmaceutical control is used in the analysis of contamination in agricultural feedstuffs.
The use of natural micro-biological control measures in agriculture, such as the control of chocolate spot in bean production is currently in field trials, summer 2016.